Resolving conflicts and improving co-operation

Employees use an average of 2.8 hours per week in dealing with conflicts. In a company with 100 people this means an annual cost of over half a million euros (40€ / hour wage).  The longer the disputes are left unattended, the larger the bill, Disagreements wear down first the emotional and later on the physical strengths of employees. Resolving conflicts as quickly as possible benefits the entire organisation, as the situations will not burden the wellbeing, co-operation and thus productivity of the company.



Please turn to us for unbiased mediation, where we help the people or team that have ended up in a conflict to understand each others’ points of view and find a practical way forward together. The mediation discussions will help participants agree on a common future in a constructive atmosphere. This often helps rekindle or even improve co-operation and mutual interaction. The target of the mediation process is to come to an agreement, where the participants align how they will work together after the mediation. 


1.  Ordering and starting the mediation process
2.  Informing participants of the mediation 
3.  A joint information meeting for all process participants 
4.  Confidential 1:1 interviews with all participants
5.  A joint mediation discussion (or several) for all participants
6.  Writing the mediation agreement
7.  A follow-up discussion in a few months 

About workplace mediation

Mediation often increases participants’ communication skills and capabilities to identify and handle challenging situations more independently in the future. Mediation can also be used as a tool to develop the organisation and to help increase team leaders’ deeper understanding of what is burdening employees. We call this restorative development training.


The mediation intervews and discussions can be handled online, face- to-face or as a hybrid model. If there are many participants, the process can have two mediators. Often one mediator is sufficient. The main mediator at Bravers is Sanna Fäldt, who has been a mediator since 2021 and holds a Diploma in Organizational Mediation (HY+). 


Our price for workplace mediation is 200 € / hour (+VAT 24 %). Example: in our experience a dispute between 2 people takes approximately 8-10 hours to mediate, but each situation is of course unique. 

Case 1:


An international company of knowledge workers
Team size: 10 people


Some dissatisfaction had surfaced in a long-term development project. Motivation had started to decrease inside the team, as the work did not advance as hoped, There was dissatisfaction and distrust inside the team.


The director of the team and their HR-responsible decided to order a mediation process from Bravers. The mediation lasted a little over two weeks, during which both individual interviews and mediation discussions were held. 


The discussions helped everyone understand each others’ viewpoints and the root causes of the situations were found and resolved. 

”It was beneficial to have someone from outside the company look at our conflict neutrally and give an equal opportunity for everyone to be heard. I appreciate that the discussions were held calmly and with high emotional intelligence.”
Director of the team

Case 2:


JCDecaux Finland
Line of business: Outdoor advertising
Number of employees: ~80 people


The company wanted to deeper understand the development needs risen from their personnel satisfaction study and to find practical ways to develop the company’s leadership. 


We conducted restorative interviews with circa 20 employees to identify both development needs and key obstacles in the way of development. Observations were discussed together and main findings were turned into improvement projects immediately with leaders and other relevant employee groups.


Participants were given an experience of being deeply heard, co-operation and mutual understanding increased and the company received practical leadership development ideas to work on.

“We wanted to affirm our company's direction and next steps for leadership and co-operation. Bravers gathered intel on the strengths and improvement ideas from our staff through interviews. The chosen (restorative) interview method was a great experience. I can warmly recommend co-operation with Bravers."
Sanna Rainio
Head of HRD