Team Building

Collaborative and developing activities for teams

Find new energy and drive in your teamwork with Bravers! Smooth teamwork is an inexhaustible source of joy and productivity. It is built on two essential cornerstones: trust and well-functioning interaction.



Our Team Building activities strengthen both trust and interaction in a fun way – while developing the team and its’ members. If your goal is to get to know one another better, strengthen trust or just to have fun after a tougher work period, have a look at the team activities below. Or give us a call and we’ll plan something unique for your gang!


Better interaction - a stronger team

When the mood in the team is good, work flows and results follow!

This team training gives an opportunity to develop relationships between team members, strengthen mutual understanding, trust and wellbeing.  

You may choose two most relevant from these themes: 

– Interaction styles

– Increasing empathy

– Effecting others 

– Increasing trust

– Recognizing and verbalizing needs

– The anatomy of top encounters

The duration of the team training is 90 minutes and it can be held either live or virtually.  

The training bases on Sanna Fäldt’s recent book Sydämellä töissä (a book about heartfelt connections). The training includes two books for the team (in Finnish). 

Pricing: Starting from  €1500 (5-8 pers.), extra persons €75 /each. Prices are subject to VAT 24 %.


Busy worklife often steers our focus towards what’s yet to be done, whereas small accomplishments and successes are easily left unnoticed. In this training we explore individual and mutual accomplishments through personal and joint strengths.


The training will help team members to get to know each other on a deeper level and in strengthening the team spirit and synergy, which both build mutual trust. As the end result you’ll have a unique guide of joint successes that is at the team’s disposal whenever extra spirit is needed!  


The duration of the team training is 90 minutes and it can be held either live or virtually. 

Pricing: Starting from €1500  (5-8 pers.), extra persons €75/each. Prices are subject to VAT 24%.

hurryfree moment with JOYful energy or pausing

Are you looking for some energizing or soothing yet developing activity for your team day? Let us help you choose the right one from our experiential selection! 


Play and relax (60 min)
Let’s get to know each other better and have a blast with fun and easy improvisation games  

Let’s Jam
(60 min)
A jammin’ session that will teach you new things about your team members through music 

Let’s make a song!
 (90 min)
Instructed lyrics and harmony workshop, where the team makes a song of their own together


Mindfulness as a habit (60 min)

Practical insights on how to bring mindfulness into your work day, including a longer meditation


The power of gratitude (60 min)

Exploring the psychological effects of gratitude and how it can be nurtured in the work place. Includes a gratitude exercise


Recover during the work day
(60 min)

Introducing the knowledge workers’ micropause bank and the effects of recovery exercises, including mini-practices with instructions 

These activities are only held live and their duration is 60-90 minutes. 

Pricing: €1000-1500 depending on the group size as well as the contents and duration of the training. Prices are subject to VAT 24%. 


In case none of the services above suit your team as such, please contact us and we’ll plan a team training or activity of your wishes together without extra cost.