We believe, that work should be enjoyable, as well as productive. In that order. We have a secret that we would like to share with you, are you ready?

Your employees can do better.

A bold statement. How do we know? Well, from our 45 years of experience from work-life, we claim that no-one teaches us sufficient tools to find and take into use our own full resources and potential at work. And an organization’s joint power is born only after individuals know themselves first. As people come in different mental shapes and sizes, we train self-leadership from many different angles. With a tough attitude, but a big heart.

Organizational skills

Trust, creativity, problem-solving

Imagine if everyone had several different thinking styles to choose from and the possibility to use them consciously according to the situation at hand? Once the versatile development capabilities of each individual is brought into daylight and combined, new possibilities and solutions start to arise.

Rapid changes of today’s knowledge work challenge us to discover unpredictable solutions. We help uncover and unleash the creativity of each individual based on their unique strengths. Removing obstacles helps dig into genuine innovation.

An empowered work community treats all its members as equals and encounters each person as an entity. Their wishes, fears and expectations are heard and respected. The path to organizational empowerment goes through the individual – let us show you how.

Co-operation skills

Interaction, agency and emotional intelligence

Top teams are no coincidence. What it takes is superior interaction skills, problem solving force, mutual trust and creativity. Investing in good team skills pays off as wellbeing, joy of work and productivity.

According to research, emotionally intelligent employees outperform their mere fact-oriented colleagues in the long run. Emotional intelligence by Bravers is made of acknowledging, understanding and leading one’s emotions and the manners of interaction.

We are all responsible for our behavior, energy and the atmosphere we create. How to interact in a way that creates a productive co-operation climate and smooth co-operation?

Self skills

Thinking, mindfulness, emotional and mindset awareness, self-directedness, leading your work

People often use only one familiar way of thinking, which leads to fast and shallow reasoning. If we’re not challenged to use our thinking capacity as a whole, a large amount of information and possibilities are left unused. Do you have the need to make room for some deeper thinking?

Today’s information intensive work leads us mindlessly in a way where our human strengths are not being used to the full. What if you could tame your workday with conscious choices and achieve exactly the things that you find to be most significant?

Our inner speech is often harsh, we toil away without ever challenging our working methods and we have forgotten the ability to concentrate. Mindful working could multiply the possibilities of creativity and thinking as well as create a better environment for flow. We challenge your teams to “empower and empassion” their workdays.

Not a day without a learning possibility! But can we truly utilize all the means of learning? We need at least a growth mindset and objective reflection skills. Join us on a life-long growth path!

Our trainings are always 100% customized

Our set is based on what your talent needs the very day you knock on our door – or we yours. But brace yourself, as we do have a lot of ideas. We are bendy in many ways, here too: we ignite your people in live situations, but we’ve been told to be just as flaming online.

We offer for example:

  • Targeted trainings and training programs
  • Coaching for individuals and groups
  • Keynotes and facilitation
  • Hosting and moderating at events

How do we work?

Well, we first have a talk about your organisations’ needs. Then we propose a way forward where we combine your specific situation with our training library and experience. You will receive a specialized offer including all the steps, themes and work phases of the training or training programme.


If needed, we will do a pre-query with participants to understand their needs and situation better. After each training participants will receive a feedback query and we can also map the effects of the training a few months after it has ended.