BSHM, Diploma in Communication, Solution-focused Coach, Musician

As a coach Sanna Salovuori (BSHM, Solution-focused Coach, Musician) focuses especially in creative working methods and strengthening learning. After a long career in business life working with communications, marketing and project management (e.g. Finnish Fair Corporation, SGN Group, PING Helsinki/co-founder and Saranen Consulting), she has been an entrepreneur since 2013. 

Sanna is a multipotentialite, that gets her kicks from working with several side-by-side projects and areas. That’s why she has several hats in Bravers as well. Sanna is our client and comms specialist and she loves meeting new people and digging deep into their challenges and needs.


Her long experience as an event producer enables the practical planning and implementation of trainings with an iron grip.

Sanna also loves performing and the unplanned, in other words facilitation and creative methods, that allow something new and magical to happen. Music, motion and improvisation may lift the participants into unseen insights and solutions. 


In addition to training, Sanna coaches both individuals and groups, hosts events and discussions in Finnish and English, sings, makes songs and lyrics and might be found in instructing dance moves or hosting other entertaining programs. In our trainings, you’ll see Sanna facilitating inspirational conversations or leading warm-ups and fun and energizing activities, that tune the brain into learning and creating something new.

Sanna is the co-author of the book Pirjo ja Tyyne – Kesytä sisäiset äänesi (Bazar Kustannus, 2021) together with Sanna Fäldt.

Sanna composes and writes lyrics to songs as part of several projects, such as the funeral music service that she has co-founded.

said about Sanna S:

”I’ve had the opportunity to be impressed by Sanna’s impeccable professionalism and talent as a host, performer and ambiance designer as I have been organizing an international coaching congress in Helsinki in 2018-2019. Sanna served as the host of these events and really left a mark with her skills and mesmerizing personality! She also sparred our event team to make the events more successful than we could have ever imagined. I warmly recommend Sanna as a partner to events of all sizes, as her expertise puts her in a league of her own.”

+358 50 522 2188