BBA, Diploma in Communication, Work Place Mediator

Sanna Fäldt (BBA, Diploma in Communication, Mediator) is an expert in change management, interaction and mental leadership. Before founding Bravers in 2019 she worked for 15 years in managerial positions in communications at Evli Bank, Citycon and Deloitte.

As a Bravers coach she is commended for building unique solutions that respond efficiently to clients’ specific challenges. When creating training content, Sanna skillfully combines her know-how in psychology, communication, mindfulness and business acumen. Her passion is to study literature, science and research looking for explanations for work life phenomena. She uses these findings to help improve the everyday working experience of knowledge workers.

In addition to training, Sanna helps solve demanding conflicts or disagreements in organisations as a workplace mediator. She also guides teams and individuals to find balance and wellbeing in their work life as a mindfulness-instructor. From the Bravers duo, you will most likely find Sanna F. holding a grounding moment for participants through visualization, self reflection or meditative exercices.

Sanna Fäldt Bravers Valmennustalo valmentaja

Books that Sanna has written:

Nauti työstäsi! Naisen voimakirja työelämään (Bazar Kustannus, 2019)

Pirjo ja Tyyne – Kesytä sisäiset äänesi (Bazar Kustannus, 2021)

Sydämellä töissä (Avain, will be published 3/23)

Said about Sanna F:

“Sanna is approachable, convincing and knows what she's doing. She does not preach, but inspires people to think in a good way. The trainings are not "bulk", but tailored for us. Sanna is always on board whole heartedly, which can be seen and heard!"

+358 40 533 4034