Facilitation and speaker services

Professional hosting of events and discussions 

When your event needs a positive lift and special sparkle, we are at your service! We always take into account the culture of the organisation and the unique situation and atmosphere of the audience. Bravers Speaker Services include a wide range of alternatives for different occasions, both live and virtually. 

Bravers Speaker services

Lectures and key notes

When you're up for an invigorating and interactive information splash from any of Bravers' training themes.


When your event needs an experienced host that can both read and inspire the audience as well as create a specific atmosphere.

facilitation and moderation

When you want an expert of interaction to bring out and crystallize the common wisdom of the participants of your workshop, ideation meeting or kick-off.

recreational programs

When organizing a soirée, recreational day or other memorable moment, call in Bravers! Let's create a gamified, artistic or humorous experience that is remembered.

why choose a professional facilitator or speaker from bravers?

Bravers always aims to leave a strong mark for the audience by creating a special energy and atmosphere at an event. The foundation of the Bravers Speaker Services are always the goals set to the event by the client. As professional speakers, hosts, facilitators and performers, we challenge the audience to think, seek new perspectives and strengthen what’s good in the organisation.


All our speaker services can be executed both in Finnish and in English.

Example of our pricing: A half day facilitation 1500 € (+ VAT 24 %) and hosting 1000 € (+ VAT 10 %). 

Case 1:
A singing host in a soirée of event professionals

Bravers valmennustalo asiakas case Meeting Professionals International

 Meeting Professionals International
Line of business: Events sector
Country: Finland


Showing the audience program ideas as widely as possible and give inspiration in form of an entertaining soirée. The event gathered together over a hundred event professionals. 


Sanna Salovuori planned the program together with the client and served as the host of the evening. She made lyrics to a song that she sang to open the event. In addition she hosted a quiz, taught the audience a dance choreography and improvised with the band.


The soirée was an absolute success and everyone enjoyed the experience. The feedback was direct and overwhelming.

"We chose Sanna Salovuori to host our event and she charmed both the guests and the organizers with her versatile skills. Have you ever seen a host arriving to the stage singing? Sanna and the band met for the very first time and performed spontaneously with professionalism and enthusiasm. I recommend her warmly, not only as a host and singer but also in helping to plan the event. Her multitalented know-how can be a real pearl to an event.”
Helena Wallo
The Event Doctor, entrepreneur, Member of MPI

Case 2:
Creativity training


Kanssala, The civil advocacy accelerator of Deaconess Foundation 
Line of business: Civil and voluntary operations
Country: Finland
Size of team: 3+


To find common foundation and enlighten the working habits of a team by using creative training methods.


We met 4 times, once a month, 2 hours at a time using multiple different creative training tools; such as music, motion, visualization exercises, drawing, visual cards and improv.  


The team felt they got clarity on their working habits and the red thread for their co-operation was found.

"With the creativity training we took some time for the team to explore how we could work together in new ways and what the cornerstones of our co-operation are. Using bodily exercises, music, images and all senses we gathered thoughts and ideas in three sessions and summed them up at the fourth session. The atmosphere was safe and the trainings inspired new thinking as well as clarified existing thoughts."
Saara Simonen
Deaconess Foundation