Problem solving that originates from the individual’s or group’s unique situation

Everyone feels stuck sometimes. Or just hungry to develop at work or as a person. At that point a professional coach can help broaden one’s thinking and viewpoints.



Coaching is an excellent tool for outlining the current situation and setting meaningful goals for the future. It helps in finding hidden possibilities and potential, making well-thought-out decisions as well as enhancing learning and transformational development. Coaching suits anyone, who wants to steer their life towards change and positive growth. 

Coaching alternatives:


As a client, you choose the topic you want to talk about. Coaching is always highly confidential and can take place at your premises or virtually. Sometimes things fall into place with just one discussion, sometimes it takes a few sessions. Often the most meaningful things happen between or after the meetings.

gROUP coaching

Coaching is a great tool for a group that wishes to generate new ideas or solve problems together. The coach facilitates discussion or leads a workshop with different techniques enabling group thinking and creativity in a way that allows everyone's voice to be heard.

We hear you!

Sanna Salovuori is Bravers’ solution-focused coach. Coaching can be done 1:1 or in a group.


Prices for individual coaching in a business environment:

1 session (60 min), 190 € / h 
3 sessions (60 min) 540 € 
5 sessions (60 min) 875 €
(prices are subject to VAT 24 %)


Mentoring and guidance for leaders and top management is also available by Sanna Fäldt. Please contact us for an offer.


All coaching and guidance processes starts with a 30-minute free of charge kick-off discussion. 

In case an organisation wants to purchase coaching for several  individual employees or for a group, prices will be negotiated separately. 


Bravers valmennustalo asiakas case Tengbom

Tengbom Oy
Line of business: Architectural agency
Number of employees: ~30
Country: Finland


Developing personal balance, timekeeping and recovery in busy work life


Client and coach met 4 times within 6 months.


The client felt his situation enhanced with the support of coaching. He learned tools for handling and reducing stress and maintaining personal balance. 

“I wanted to find better balance between my work and private life. Diligent as I am, I have always set working projects, clients and my agency above everything else. I felt that I was losing my energy and enthusiasm and needed change. I wanted to find a way to manage my work as well as before, but also have time and energy for life outside work. Co-operation with Sanna S. was great and it felt good to discuss things with a complete outsider. I started to think about things in a different way. My ability to prioritize has improved and I have been able to draw better boundaries to my working hours. Reflecting on these matters has also helped me in my position as a supervisor.”
Marcus Heinänen
Customer and Project Leader