Who are we?

About us

What Bravers?

Once upon a time, there were two Sannas who had experienced their share of worklife hardship. They shared a common passion: to make working life better. Still unaware of each other, they worked very hard day after day, both seeking a common treasure: the joy of work. There was a lot of work, but for them, too little joy. Since this didn’t seem to bother anyone else, the two Sannas kept toiling away.

Until one day, they found each other, realized their common passion, and decided to boldly chase the joy of work together. Bravers was born. From there on, they have beavered away with joy and helped others find theirs. The rest is history.

What’s your story like? Is there a place for joy of work?

Our Team


Sanna Fäldt

  • 20 years’ experience of leading communications, teams and self at Evli Bank, Citycon and Deloitte
  • Expert in organizational psychology and change management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Communications Officer, Mindfulness Instructor, and Published Author

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Sanna Salovuori

  • 25 years’ business experience in i.a. Finnish Fair Corporation, SGN Group, PING Helsinki (co-founder) and Saranen Consulting
  • Communications Expert, Marketing and Event Designer, and Musician
  • Solution Focused Coach

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Saana Karikumpu

  • 10 years experience in group facilitation and leadership
  • Learning specialist, facilitator of creative and participatory methods
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Arts, and Social Services

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